Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S: User friendly Smartphone

With loads of top end technology available with the Samsung Galaxy S, the Smartphone is a tough competitor for the Apple’s iPad. With a similar yet larger screen, the Galaxy tablet is thicker by just about a millimeter than the iPad. With its beautiful design of curved back, superb finish and light weight of 118 grams, the Smartphone has won the hearts of many around the world.

The Samsung Galaxy comes with an Operating System developed by Samsung offers widgets and home screens that can be edited and customized by the user. This Operating system called TouchWiz 3.0 can also be complemented with other operating systems like Google’s Android, Symbian, Windows Phone by Microsoft and Linux based LiMo which are also supported by the Galaxy tablet. The Samsung Galaxy S is craved by many for its excellent messaging options. The Smartphone offers instant messaging, email, SMS, MMS and webmail.

The simple icons of the Galaxy tablet makes it a very handy and easy to use smart phone with the navigation coming in page by page format. The Superb screen, exceptionally Fast processor, Slim and elegant chassis, great audio quality and excellent HD video recording are the features that are boasted by the Samsung Galaxy S.

The interface of the Samsung Galaxy that offers the large touch screen which permits very accurate and flexible operation is the best feature provided by the phone to a user, with lightest touch producing an instant reaction. The 1GHz processor of the Galaxy tablet ensures that the Smartphone gives instant response to any input from the user.

The contacts menu of the Galaxy tablet also offers the feature to group contacts together, mark some contacts as favorite, and customize to have other details of these contacts appear on the Home screen widget, which makes the smart phone very easy to use.

Samsung Galaxy S: Smartphone with Easy to Use Software

Samsung Galaxy S is well received by all its customers around the world. The Samsung Galaxy caters to all its customers as it offers a unique option by supporting a very wide range of operating systems. With Google Android acting as a primary operating system, the Galaxy tablet also works on other operating systems like Symbian, Microsoft’s Windows Phone, LiMo based on Linux, and Samsung’s proprietary Bada. While being launched, in July 2010 the galaxy tablet was loaded with Android 2.1 version which has been upgraded to Android 2.2 from November 2010.

The Samsung Galaxy S supports various multimedia file formats like mpeg4, H.264, Sorenson codec, DivX HD; WMV, AVI and various Audio formats like FLAC, WAV, Vorbis, MP3, AAC, WMA, and AC3.

The Samsung Galaxy offers up to seven home screens which can be added, deleted or rearranged by the user. This excellent option is allowed by the latest proprietary Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 user interface employed in the galaxy tablet. The smartphone also offers better user friendliness by offering customizable program menu and the shortcut icons.

The widget interface of the Samsung Galaxy S, gives the essential daily information to the customer in one page. The galaxy tablet offers widgets of daily briefing like news, finance and schedule; weather clock which displays an analog clock with a selected city’s weather; and a buddy widget which gives a short cut to call or text contacts quickly. The Smartphone also offers options through which other standard Android widgets can also be added to the home screens.

The Smartphone also provides software like a reality browser that visualizes GPS direction, and an ebook reader named Aldiko. The software can also be upgraded to various other versions that are available with other generations of Smartphone from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy: Specifications and Features

Before we read about Samsung Galaxy, let’s have a brief overview about Samsung itself. Samsung has been enjoying moderate success in the market with staying in completion very much. It is like their technological advancement is not very much improved in past few years. Well, they did make changes when the market started turning them down. Other organizations are making excellent changes in their phone models which have forced Samsung to take innovation seriously. 

             The main reason for their standout earning even when they have been selling their products on backseat in the market is their price flexibility and global access. Their phones were too good ever. The battery never gave a very satisfactory result either, which is the backbone of any phone. 

            Samsung Galaxy is where they have altered their strategies visibly. Samsung Galaxy is actually model no I7500, which is also termed as Galaxy. One of the finest new features was Android operating system which was not available in the market with too many phones. Samsung galaxy is available on an economic price range for the finest technology that any superior brand might give no less than almost double price. 

          Mobile users have always been fascinated by various connectivity options available in phones. Samsung galaxy offers Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 to enhance connectivity features in the phone.

          Samsung Galaxy’s most popular feature is its AMOLED capacitive touch screen and 16 million colors. It also has the Handwriting Recognition features. You can surf internet 24X7 with your Google Search. You can browse for videos on YouTube without worrying about the internet. The phone has an exclusive feature 3G with HSDPA 7.2 Mbps speed.

        It also has automatic access to the Android Market for recent updates and news. The camera is 5 Mega Pixel with auto focus and Power LED. The internal memory is 8GB and external memory up to 32 GB.

Samsung Galaxy – I7500 Review

Briefing about Samsung’s phone and technology, Samsung was never into revolutionary mobile phones previously. They were satisfied with the productions, sales and technology statistics. On the other hand, several other companies are climbing the ladder to several steps more. Nokia launched N95 that became an instant hit in the market, Sony Ericsson’s Walkman series was advanced and Motorola started enjoying sales boost with RAZR. 

             The time has ended where Samsung was happy with what they providing us. Now they are ready to launch the best Smartphone technology available. Samsung launched I7500, also known as Samsung Galaxy that conquered the market for its entirely different features that were never in limelight before.

              Samsung galaxy has Android OS, one of the most wanted by mobile techies. You can browse Google search, Maps, Gmail, YouTube and Android market for new updates. Google Talk and calendar is also added as value added features. It supports MPEG4, H.263, H.264 and WMV for Video formats to ease the converting problems for you. For Audio, you have MP#, AAC, AAC+,e-AAC+,WMA,RA. This is one of the best quality phones in the market. 

             Samsung Galaxy’s main features are AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 16 million colors, Auto Rotate sensors and handwriting recognition.

             It also has in-built GPRS and 3G with HSDPA 7.2 Mbps. For usual connectivity problems with Samsung, you have Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and a Micro USB in it. You must be wondering about the memory scope of this phone. Well, to surprise you, the internal memory is 8GB and you can extend it up to 32GB for external memory. The phone has 3.5mm ear jack and 3.2 inch HVGA (320x480). This phone was the first phone to bring revolution in Samsung’s innovation less world. The viewers were very satisfied with its features and specification making it a success.

The Samsung Galaxy Series an overview

Most of the Samsung Galaxy Series products were launched as a direct competitor of the iPad or the iPhone. A good example of this would be the latest additions to the Samsung Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung Galaxy Tab that have been brought to the market as a direct rival to the iPhone 4 and the iPad respectively.

When we look at the Samsung Galaxy series, you will realize that all the Samsung Galaxy members are part of the Android OS family. The first Samsung devise to ever use the Android OS is the Samsung Galaxy i7500L. Android is opening source operating system by Google.

When you look at some of the major offerings in this series are the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Samsung Galaxy S are the latest releases of this year. Both the Samsung Galaxy S and Tab were launched in the year 2010 and both reached the million units sold mark within a few months of their being released.

The most recent versions that is Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy S both offer the latest Android OS that is Android 2.2 Fruyo. When you talk about the Samsung i5800 Smartphone which has been the successor of the i5700 Galaxy Spacia but in terms of processor and camera there was actual a downgrade in both the versions. The Samsung Galaxy i5800 was preloaded with Android 2.1 Éclair while the previous version was loaded with Android 1.6 cupcake which is the only prominent upgrade.

The cheapest and fully loaded version in this series is the Samsung i5503 or the Samsung Galaxy 5 also known as Samsung Corby in several countries. It features an Android 2.1 Éclair, 600 MHz processor; it is compliant with HTML with a practically unlimited phonebook. It was announced in June 2010 and available in the market since August 2010.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet: Specifications and Features

Improving Samsung galaxy to its best is where Samsung tablet comes into picture. For users who want to enjoy a bigger screen and better specification, Samsung galaxy tablet is just the thing. With a 7 inch wide touch screen, you can watch high definition movies and play games of your own choice without any problems from the screen size. Samsung galaxy tablet is practically a digital experience that you would never wish to give up.
You might be wondering that if the screen is so big, it might be a bulky phone to carry. Well, the good news is, No. the phone is actually very sleek from the sides. You can play streaming videos on the screen to watch a movie or nice video that you would want to play to experience its screen’s quality features. The hardware specifications are Android operating system 2.2 and running Touch Wiz 3.0. The Samsung galaxy tablet weighs only 380 grams. It has 16GB/32 GB internal storage options. You can also extend the memory up to 32 GB for additional storage. Samsung has designed this tablet according to every basic feature that will be required by the tablet use. The battery is 4,000 Ah which doesn’t runs out soon even if you are playing high resolution videos. This galaxy tablet has full HD payback feature.

It also has a 30 pin Dock for HDMI, USB or other docking options, such as car dock. It has a front 1.3 mega pixel camera and 3 mega pixel cameras with flash as well. The 7 inch display screen is TFT LCD with 1024 x 600 resolutions. Samsung Galaxy Tablet also has in built WLAN as well for you to access high speed internet. The Cortex A8 1.0 GHz with PowerVR SGx540 is unbeatable currently in the market for any mobile phone or tablet